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Our Take Out Menu Includes:

Heat and Serve

The following Dobi specialty items are available on most days or when ordered in advance. Some of these items are available in frozen packages for your convenience to heat at a later time. Dobi will gladly heat your frozen selection with advance notice.

Stuffed Shells (jumbo)6 pack $8.50
Cabbage Rolls6 pack$12.50
Meatballs in saucequart$9.00
Meatballs in saucepint$5.00
Pierogies w/butter and onionsdozen$10.75
Pierogies (plain in bulk)dozen$9.75
Pot Pies (chicken, beef, or fruit)each$5.00
Penne Pastapint$5.00
Sandwich Ringserves 15-20$47.00
serves 12$33.00
Augratin Potatoes
serves 12

SmallMedium Large
Penne Pasta$32.00 serves 15$55.00 serves 30$102.00 serves 60
Pepperoni Penne$40.00 serves 15$61.00 serves 30$107.00 serves 60
Alfredo Penne$40.00 serves 15$61.00 serves 30$107.00 serves 60
Haluski$32.00 serves 15$49.00 serves 25$85.50 serves 50
Parsley Potatoes$28.75 serves 15$44.00 serves 25$79.50 serves 50
Steamed Vegetables$32.00 serves 15$48.50 serves 25
$84.75 serves 50
Vegetables$32.00 serves 15$48.50 serves 25$84.75 serves 50
Meat & Cheese Tray
$48.50 serves 25$79.00 serves 50
Vegetable Tray
$48.50 serves 25$79.00 serves 50
Relish Tray
$48.50 serves 25$79.00 serves 50
Tossed Salad
$61.50 serves 25$88.25 serves 50
BBQ Pulled Pork$35.75 serves 15$64.50 serves 30


Large 10" pies suitable to serve 8 slices
      Boston Cream
      Lemon Meringue
     Coconut Cream
     Chocolate Cream

New York Style Cheesecake$20.25

Dobi Style Chicken

"best tasting chicken this side of the Allegheny"

That is what our customers are telling us.  Dobi only uses fresh chicken and immediately goes into a marinating process. After marinate, the chicken is either dusted with our signature spices and pressure fried to a golden brown or seasoned with our signature spices and smoke roasted with our signature smoke. Our traditional process produces a crispy outer layer while preserving the moisture in the meat. Our smoke roasted process produces a crisp smokey outer with tender succulent meat. Once you taste either of our chicken styles, you'll long for it again and again, it's that good! Dobi's chicken packages include the breast, leg, and thigh. Wings are sold separately by the dozen and half dozen, prepared in the same manner as our chicken.

Chicken Prices

Our chicken is sold in multiples of three (breast, leg, thigh) and can be purchased in any quantity. The following is a sample of our pricing:

Chicken by the Piece

                      leg/drumstick $2.43
                      breast (1/2)$4.32


                      3 pieces $5.87
                      6 pieces$11.72
                      9 pieces$17.57
                    15 pieces$29.27
                    21 pieces$40.97
                    27 pieces$53.67
                    33 pieces$64.37
                    42 pieces$81.92
                    63 pieces$122.87
                    84 pieces$163.83
                  105 pieces$204.78
                  126 pieces
                         Chicken Strips (5 pounds)


Wings Galore

One of the countries most popular snacking foods. Dobi jumbo wings are marinated and cooked the same as our wonderful tasting chicken, then seasoned or basted with a sauce of your choice. Wings make a great party food.

                **Smoked wings require 24 hour advance notice**

                                        Half Dozen $13.50

   Crispy  *  Buffalo (hot)  *  BBQ  *  Dobi Seasoning  *  Garlic Butter  *  Sweet & Sour

Potato Lovers

Potato cubes lightly coated with the Dobi special blend of spices.

                                      Single Order $3.25
                                      Super Order$9.00

Individual Chicken Dinners

(served your way)

Choose the amount of Dobi style chicken you desire from the list below. Each of our dinners include a choice of two side dishes and biscuit with butter.

1 piece dinner (breast) $9.50
3 piece dinner (breast, leg and thigh)$10.75
3 piece dinner (all thighs)$10.50
3 piece dinner (all legs)$10.00
chicken strip dinner$10.75
2 piece dinner (leg/thigh)$9.25
2 piece dinner (breast and leg or thigh)$10.50
2 piece dinner (all thighs) $9.50
2 piece dinner (all legs)$9.25
2 piece dinner (all breasts)$12.25

Fish and Fish Dinners

1 piece of fish $9.25
fish sandwich$11.25
1 piece fish dinner$13.00
fish sandwich dinner$13.00

chicken sandwich (hot, barbeque, or parmesan)$9.50
chicken sandwich meal$12.25

Salads and Side Dishes

Always freshly made for the best taste. Try them and you will notice the premium flavor over the store bought processed salads

made weeks ago. Our salads are sold by the pint, quart, and gallon. The yield quantity is approximately two pounds per quart and varies by type of salad.

Pints $5.00 / Quarts $9.00 / Gallons $30.50
*cole slaw
*three bean salad
*potato salad
*pasta salad
*macaroni salad
*macaroni & cheese
*Dobi style potatoes
*baked beans
*mash potatoes

Gravy  $5.00 (pint) / $7.50 (quart)

Customer Favorites

Family Meal
12 pieces chicken & 2 quarts of sides
Classic Meal
18 pieces chicken, 4 quarts of any sides

Call for Free Estimates

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